Welcome in Florence! We created this agency together with some persons that, like me, have traveled frequently and have developed the personal shopper service as an exigency and as experience as well. We are young entrepreneurs, we travel very often as you and we’d like to reach the maximum in the very brief period of time usually available when we stop in cities, because our main problem is time. Usually traveling was an exigency of work, we have learned to turn it into an occasion of joy and pleasure; we usually wanted to buy freely what we wanted without the stress of time and following our exigencies. That’ s possible now with us! we have a great ability in gaining time. We know all the secrets inside our city because we are curious and because our wish to improve our knowledge in the Italian fashion, in the handworks and in shopping that derives from art and culture and from centuries of history and tradition often hided in very narrow streets; shopping is also a result of the modern city, open to the culture and to the international fashion. We are glad to offer you this service with quality and profession, because we believe that we can be a big help to you, being the first to criticize ourselves and very exigent when we buy something. Call us and you will find a friend to talk to and solve all your problems.

Who is the personal shopper? The personal shopper is your personal guide inside the big and fascinating world of shopping in Florence & Outlets. Buying something is not only an exigency, but it is also a personal pleasure. When we go shopping we satisfy ourselves and we take care of ourselves, following our desires, those immediately available, under hands. It happens very often that we find ourselves inside a jungle in which it is very difficult to get out; we fight against time, different choices and thousand of other difficulties that turn our moments of relax in terrible runs, full of tension, looking for shops, articles and ideas. The personal shopper helps you, guides you and gives you advice on what to buy, where and how; he also makes your time precious because he helps you to buy what you effectively need; he offers you a precious company and an important comparison, especially when the object to buy is of high value and for this reason it need an impartial opinion.

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