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BEST OF FLORENCE – and guided visit to the Uffizi Gallery

 195.00 435.00

Tour Length: 4/5 hours.
Dates: every season.
Departure Point: From your accomodation. Please note that the rate includes a pick-up and drop-off in Florence. Driver can be arranged to pick you from the place you stay in any region within Tuscany.
Departure Time: between 9.30-12.00 am or between 1.00-5.00 pm
Days of Week: Everyday.
Note: This tour is offered by a Licensed Tour Guide, specialized in Foreign Languages and in Art History

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Piazza della Signoria, what an amazing square in Florence, full of people, colors, sometimes even music. The statues in front of Palazzo Vecchio cannot get bored immersed in this suggestive and joyful atmosphere. The Palace also saw Michelangelo making a small incision on its façade, we will find it together!

The Uffizi Gallery is right next to Palazzo Vecchio and we will continue our guided tour inside the museum to discover the most exciting collection of paintings in Italy. I am sure you will be thrilled to discover the famous “Venus” and “Primavera”, Botticelli’s masterpieces, but also Leonardo da Vinci’s works of art and their mysteries, Michelangelo’s unique painting, Titian’s “Venus of Urbino”, considered one of the most sensual nudes in the world and many other works of art…

After a good doze of art, it’s time for a walk on Ponte Vecchio, the Paradise of jewelry lovers and the oldest bridge in Florence.

Our next stop will be the former straw market that Florentines call “Mercato del Porcellino”( Little Pig Market), because of the bronze statue of a pig with a shining nose.

We will continue our guided tour of Florence in Piazza della Repubblica. In Roman times, the piazza was the centre of the political and social life with a Roman Forum and the Capitolium.

Our next stop is Piazza San Giovanni and Piazza del Duomo, the religious centre of the city. We will discover here one of the oldest architectonical monuments, the Baptistery. Right next to the Baptistery rises to the sky the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore and Giotto’s Bell Tower, the symbols of the power and glory of Florence since Middle Age.

* UFFIZI  TICKET with reservation entrance (skip the line) euro 20 per person, included in the final price

PRIVATE ONE DAY TRIP: Best of Florence and guided visit to the Uffizi Gallery
The all included tour since 1990- Ticket museum reservation entrance included

 group of 1 people – total cost euro 195

 group of 2 people – total cost euro 230

 group of 3 people – total cost euro 245

 group of 4 people – total cost euro 260

 group of 5 people – total cost euro 275

 group of 6 people – total cost euro 290

 group of 7 people – total cost euro 305

 group of 8 people – total cost euro 320

 group of 9 people – total cost euro 335

 group of 10 people – total cost euro 350

 group of 11 people – total cost euro 365

 group of 12 people – total cost euro 380

 group of 13 people – total cost euro 395

 group of 14 people – total cost euro 410

 group of 15 people – total cost euro 435



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