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Vasari Gallery & Secret Passage Tour

Quick Details

Private Tour

Guided Visit to the Vasari Gallery

This tour is designed for travelers who already know the city, but who want to explore something off-the-beaten track. We can give you the unique chance to visit the Vasari Corridor, normally closed to the public unless pre-booked well in advance, perched above the ancient shops lining the Ponte Vecchio.

Step back in time in this corridor, a hidden passageway over the Ponte Vecchio housing the world’s largest collection of self-portraits by renowned artists and offering some of Florence’s best views. Built by Vasari for Cosimo I, it was a private passageway where the grand duke could walk safely, away from prying eyes.

It runs through the Oltrarno neighbourhood and ends up in the Boboli Gardens. From there we walk to the Brancacci Chapel and its outstanding frescoes by Masaccio. It became the leading school for Renaissance artists, where many of them trained by copying Masaccio’s works.