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TOUR OF CARRARA MARBLE QUARRIES with stop in PISA & LUCCA – Private Shore Excursion from Piombino

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Private Tour Starting at

Visit the marble quarrie is a unique and profound experience!

It means to enjoy the charm of places inaccessible for most of the visitors, travelling along winding and steep roads together with trucks which, incessantly, challenge technical and human limits.

Thanks to special off road vehicles and to highly specialized drivers, your private tuorist guide will lead you as far as 900 mt. altitude, in a magnificient and unrepeatable scenery, supplying you extremely detailed explanations about both ancient and modern methods of excavation, in direct contact (in work days) with the quarrymen who execute the cut of a quarry bench or while they load enormous blocks on top of trucks. A short break in order to experience an antique and absolutely unique food the “lardo di Colonnata”, and we start to go up and up again until 1.200 mt., enjoying an indescribable view and a sensation of pure extasy. Before to end our tour we go into a spectacular underground quarry. It is possibile to extend the escursion visiting, after lunch, Carrara’s historical centre, or a marble workshop, or a sclupture atelier.

Carrara Marble Tour

Tour to the famouse quarries of carrara, where marble has been axtracted since the Roman time, including the blocks used by Michelangelo himself, as well Giotto, Donatello and Bernini( just to name a few ). Inspect the quarries and admire the breath taking views of the mediterranean sea. A nice lunch based on the famous “lardo di colonnata”, the traditional food eaten by the masons here for centuries, can be a nice opportunity to enjoy this part of Tuscany(lunch not included). We continue our tour and descend to the cost of Pietrasanta to admire a working marble studio and see where the stones are carved into magnificent works. Enjoy a guided visit of the hostoric center of Pietrasanta.General description “This is virtually impossible to imagine until you see it with your own eyes” could be the better description for this specific destination. Carrara marble is known and highly appreciated all over the world. The Carrara marble caves reveal a completely different show from what we are used to see. The majesty of the Apuan Alps is already a breathtaking sight that pays the cost of the ticket. If you consider the impressiveness of the caves, this tour has all the characteristics of a rarity not to be missed.