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Discover Pisa and Its Great Wines!

The town of Pisa is of Etruscan origin. In 179 B.C. it became a Roman colony and in 89 B.C. a Roman municipium. Pisa was an important naval base for the Romans. In the Middle Ages it was an important città marinara, i.e. a port, just like Venice, Genoa and Amalfi. Each of these towns had both a merchant fleet and a navy, which controlled all the seas around Italy .

Pisa reached its greatest peak of splendour in the XI and XII centuries when it expanded its power over the islands of Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia. In addition, it controlled all the Tuscan coast from Portovenere to Civitavecchia. During the first Crusade (1096-1099) its military and commercial power expanded also eastwards and during the XII century some colonies were founded along the same routes followed by the Crusaders. At this time also some small industries developed in Pisa, especially those involved in the processing of wool and leather. In 1162 Pisa became a free commune with its own statutes, and it was in this period that a new architectural style was born.