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Pompeii Tour & Mount Vesuvius Hike

Quick Details

What’s included?

  • The guidance (2 hours or full day)
  • Full-day transportation in a Mercedes and a professional driver, pick up and drop off at the port or hotel/accommodation, all taxes, gas and parking expenses included
Private Tour

Spend a Day Between Archaeology and Natural Beauty

This tour is dedicated to those who are interested in visiting the ancient Pompeii and the Volcano that caused its burial. The thriving Roman city met its fate in 79 A. D. , when the Mount Vesuvius erupted. The ash from Mt. Vesuvius buried the entire town with many of its inhabitants.

Pompeii today is a site unlike any other in Italy, it is a complete ancient city that you can explore just as if you were walking through it 2, 000 years ago. The tour starts with two hours of a guided tour at Pompeii. Lunch break in a typical Italian restaurant tasting some good wine and some traditional dishes.

After the lunch break, the driver will take you at the Mount Vesuvius where a local guide, included in the cost of the ticket, will accompany you. You’ll enjoy a stunning view of the Bay of Naples from a vantage point almost nobody else gets to access.