Typical Tuscan T-bone steak ..Bistecca alla Fiorentina or Fiorentina

One of Florence’s culinary specialities is the bistecca alla fiorentina or Florence T-bone steak, a perfectly cooked, fresh and tasty piece of meat cooked in a traditional way…

If you fancy stopping for a spot of lunch while on one of our guided tours of Florence, then why not tuck into one of Florence’s culinary specialities, namely the bistecca alla fiorentina or Florence T-bone steak. If you’re after a traditional, historical and downright tasty dish, then this is for you!

The Florentine steak is undoubtedly one of the most famous, and indeed delicious dishes that Florence has to offer. It is known all over the world and it’s easy to see why! A perfectly cooked, fresh and tasty piece of meat cooked in a traditional way – what’s not to love! It’s origins are said to come from the 13th century, when a group of Englishmen stopped in Florence during the celebrations of San Lorenzo. They saw juicy meat being roasted over bonfires and asked for a ‘beef steak’; from then on, the name ‘bistecca’ was used for this Florentine speciality. It was enjoyed in the past, and continues to be enjoyed today.

This legendary recipe actually requires strict preparation to ensure it’s done in the correct Florentine way. First of all, let’s start with the beef itself, which needs to come from the Chianina cattle. This cattle is not only one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world, but also the tallest and heaviest, and the meat is renowned for its high quality and nutritional values. The meat needs to be 12-18 months old, and should be cut from the short loin to produce the well-known T-shape, with meat on each side. Once you’ve got the right meat, you then need to adhere to several cooking conditions. The steak is cooked over wood or charcoal, and even though the cooking time can vary, it’s usually about 5 minutes for each side. Don’t keep flipping it over though; just one flip is needed throughout the whole cooking process! When it comes to seasoning, salt can only be added to a side that is cooked, and any other seasoning must be added when the steak is removed from the fire. The end result should be a tender piece of meat with a well-browned crust. If you’re fan of your meat being cooked rare, this will definitely satisfy your palate!

You’ll see many restaurants offering the bistecca alla fiorentina as you stroll around the city on your Florence walking tour, and many people tucking into this meaty feast! So, for all you meat lovers out there, this is the perfect way to refuel and actually taste one of Florence’s legendary dishes. We have lots of private tours in Florence available, so take a look and find the perfect tour for you.

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